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Managing your portfolio and clients takes up alot of an agents time. Hiring a part-time secretary that might not know how you file or organise your data can do more harm than good. Our InsureBeanz has you covered and can be customised to fit your requirements.



Clients calling you to find out more about their coverage, it might take hours to days to retrieve the records, with InsureBeanz, the data can be retrieve with just a few clicks. Take notes and store it together with their policies allow you to save time instead of having to look though the entire policy to find the answers.

Productivity is more critical than ever for insurance professionals. On-demand access to client and prospect information enables agents to conduct more business outside the agency and deliver better service to clients with a single, up-to-date view of client and business information.
InsureBeanz enables users to:

  • Review and modify client and prospect data on demand via Apple or Androidâ„¢ tablets and smartphones
  • Track, add, and manage sales opportunities
  • View accounts, contacts, policy and prospect information
  • Review, add, edit and close Activities
  • Communicate with customers and staff


Manage Your Customers

InsureBeanz provides your with your customers information at your fingertips. Get birthday reminders and create notes about a your customers, this will provide a personal touch to your customers.

Policy Management

InsureBeanz provides essential information to agents whenever and wherever they need it. There is no driving back to the office, on-demand access to your customer policy information.

Store Important Product Catalogues

InsureBeanz allow agents to store product catalogues or marketing material that can be organised and easily accessed in a single application. Let InsureBeanz keep the data for you.

Customer Relationship Management

With your CRM module, you are able to create a whole profile of you customer right down to their pet peeves.
InsureBeanz allows your to define what information is important to you and customise they data your collect and store about your customers.

Policy Management

Whether is it a Travel Insurance, or a Wealth Management plan, our policy management module is robust for any configurations.
InsureBeanz allow you to track and create summary of your customers policies regardless of whether they are covered by you or another agency.

Marketing and Product Materials

Have to rely on USBs or other file storage applications?
InsureBeanz allows you to store all your product and marketing materials on our application.

Work Offline

Have no network coverage? Don’t worry.
InsureBeanz works offline, all data stored or changed in the application will be synced when you connect to the internet.

Portalbeanz takes pride in all our industry specific solutions, all of our solutions can be customised to fit and improve on your current business processes.

Packaged in a simple, user-friendly, yet powerful application, InsureBeanz connects insurance agentys and agencies to their operations with a unique style that continues to revolutionize the way you manage your customers.