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Social media management is a game changer. Organizations everywhere throughout the world are finding the ways that how Social media can contribute to the growth and success in every aspect of their business. According to the research, 92% of online marketers observed that their Social media strategies have produced more exposure for their business, while 80% of marketers reported that their social media efforts increase web traffic. With these sorts of insights, the importance of Social media can never be overlooked. Whether you are redefining an existing social media strategy or starting a social media marketing plan from scratch, we have got you covered.



PortalBeanz provides social media strategy implementation and management services to the individual customers as well as organizations alike. We offer demonstrated expertise for all leading social networks, including Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. Our social media management service includes blog writing, digital PR, online reputation management, video marketing, social media advertising, social media coaching and consulting, social contests, fan building and following, social engagement, social writing and posting and social editorial calender.


Our social media management service will:

  • Leverage your social presence with recommended opportunities for marketing strategies
  • Monitor Return-on-Investment with the latest reporting and tracking tools
  • Execute topical and timely push outs including interactions and promotions
  • Create an effective and clear monthly social posting editorial calendar
  • Design tailor made social strategies unique to each social network
  • Generate meaningful and well written content to engage visitors
  • Investigate which style and tone works best with your target audience
  • Explore what your competitors are doing well so that you can do better
  • Ensure that your brand or business is engaging and consistent across all social channels.