Portalbeanz brews exceptional mobile & web applications that is specific to your business processes. Together with our industry partners, we blend the perfect security and network solutions for your business.

Achieve a breakthrough for your business.

All those processes you put in place to help everything run smoothly has reached a point where  your it’ll cost your business more to take on more jobs, convert customers or hire staff. In other words, your business wants to grow but your processes are slowing you down. PortalBeanz is here to learn and optimize your business processes with our team of Business Analysts and Technology Consultants.


Portalbeanz core business is to analyse your business processes and brew customised portals and solutions to automate your business processes to flow exactly how you envisioned it to.


Our sitebeanz range of solutions and services include website development, social media management and search engine optimsation.


Securebeanz is our cyber and network security suite of solutions. Each business has different requirements and solutions, the Securebeanz team will determine the prefect solution for your business using our 4-Step process.


Our networkbeanz solution provides small-medium business with affordable and efficient networking solutions. Some of our solutions include wireless coverage optimisation, on-site storage & mail solutions and outsourced device monitoring and maintenance.


Portalbeanz is a growing company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design and function.